🌈Premium RARE Floral Pattern Natural Hand Polished Ammolite Double-Sided FREE SHIPPING IMP91




Size: Approx. 49.5x35.5x3m  ( at its thickest point )   Thick as an imperial gemstone.

 BLUE ZONE AAA Premium Collection Super Rare Imperial 

Origin:  Bearpaw formation  , Alberta    CANADA

This gemstone display is a Amazing free form hand polished natural double-sided gemstone.   A super beautiful gemstone.


This gemstone is a very rare Imperial gem.  It has a beautiful floral pattern on one side with ultra rare pinks, purple, blue, red, green, yellow and orange.  The gem has a chromatic color shift.

The second side of the Imperial has bright reds and greens with a brilliant color change and striations of the fossil visible like waves of energy.





Imperials are double sided ammolite gemstones.They are much more rare and highly sought after by collectors and feng shui practitioners

No Coating


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