5.27 RARE High Grade Double-Sided Handheld Gem Specimen, CS-232 * Ammolite Free Shipping! アンモライトFREE SHIPPING!


  HIGH GRADE  Ammolite

      Size: Approx. 134  x  100x22mm  (5.27 inches)

    Weight: 352g

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Geological Time:  Cretaceous Period, + /- 71,000,000 years ago.

Origin: Bearpaw formation , Alberta , Canada.

This blue zone ammonite display is from the very center of the ammonite. 

The inner chamber has bright green, reds, yellows and hints of blue and change color as you move the ammonite.  This is the inner chamber of the ammonite fossil. 

The outside of this display has rare purples, lavender, blues, green, red and yellow.  There is also a partial clam attached to the outside of the piece giving it a very unique quality.

This will be a great desk or display table piece that you can admire and pick up to show to guests.

There is a light protective coating over the display.


High grade

ナチュラル  アンモライト コレクターピース ダブルサイド

ナチュラル アンモライト を是非コレクションへ加えてください!




 Origin: Bearpaw Formation  Alberta, Canada.


産地:カナダ アルバータ州  ベアポウフォーメーション


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