IMP-86 Super RARE HUGE Natural Polished Ammolite Double-Sided Rainbow Beauty !PREMIUM 巨大両面!ナチュラル レアルース アンモライト 斑彩石 FREE SHIPPING

Size: Approx. 121x91x4m 4.76" ( at its thickest point )  weight ; Approx,73.58g

 BLUE ZONE AAA Premium Collection Super Rare Imperial ( No matrix between front and back)

Origin:  Bearpaw formation  , Alberta    CANADA

This gemstone display is a Amazing free form hand polished natural double-sided gemstone.   A very beautiful gemstone.


A beautiful rainbow of colors radiate across the front of the gemstone in striation patterns of red, green, yellow, blue and hints of purple.  It is chromatic color changer from red, yellow to green.

The back of the gemstone stunning brilliance of purples, blue, green, yellow and red.  It also has chromatic qualities shifting its color as you move the gemstone.

Imperials are double sided ammolite gemstones.They are much more rare and highly sought after by collectors and feng shui practitioners

No Coating


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アンモライト! コレクター   DOUBLE-SIDED  Natural  両面!!

レインボーカラー発色  Superレア   Premium  コレクター向けアイテム

両面 ルース  ブルーゾ―ン  リッチカラー

Approx, 121 x 91 x 4mm (最長部分)73.58g

産地:カナダ アルバータ州 ベアポウフォーメーション

ナチュラル コーティングなし  


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