4.17" HIGH Grade Double-Sided Handheld Gem Specimen, Natural Hand Polished CS-233* Ammolite Free Shipping! ナチュラルポーリッシュ アンモライトFREE SHIPPING!


Canadian ammoilte.

Double-SIDED Edge Display Gemstone Beauty.

Origin: Bearpaw Formation , Alberta , Canada.

Size: approx. 106x58x50m (Height approx. 4.17" )
Weight : Approx.498g  

Geological Time: Cretaceous Period, + /- 71,000,000 years ago.

Origin: Bear Paw Formation , Alberta , Canada.



This beautiful ammolite gemstone display is high grade quality. The front and back of the gem are hand polished with vibrant color shifts of green, blue, and purple. The non-gem sides of the gemstone are thin coated with epoxy.

Natural Free Forms are hand polished to a bright shine. These stones are highly valued for their brilliant finish and natural appearance.

 No coating 


High grade

ナチュラル研磨  アンモライト コレクターピース ダブルサイド

ナチュラル アンモライト を是非コレクションへ加えてください!




 Origin: Bearpaw Formation  Alberta, Canada.


産地:カナダ アルバータ州  ベアポウフォーメーション


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