HUGE Collector Stone Specimen - CS-201 ***FREE SHIPPING****アンモライト コレクターストーン

This gem grade ammonite display is a red/green color changer.  Part of the inner swirl makes up one edge with nipplites that show it is a Costum. 

It has striations and changes color from bright red to bright green.  The outer edge of the fossil makes up the other edge and this half of the display has the brightest red to green chromatic shifts. 

The suture patterns are visible on the front and back and the sutures have some gem color on the back showing as well.  It looks best placed flat on a table with light to see the full effect of its color shifts. 

This will make an excellent addition to any collection.

     Size: 227 x122mmx30m Weight : Approx. 1318g  
Beautiful Colors! AAA GRADE 
Placentiseras costatum
Geological Time
:  Cretaceous Period, + /- 71,000,000 years ago. 
Origin:   Bear Paw Formation , Alberta , Canada.

This stone has a  protective shell of epoxy resin over it to protect the gemstone and amplify the stones natural beauty.  

Ammonite fossils and large collector pieces are most often coated as well for both stability and to bring out their colors.

Very rare  collectible and highly sought after.

コーティング済み コレクタージェムストーン

産地:カナダ アルバータ州 ベアポウフォーメーション