RESERVED AF-54 Ammonite Near Complete Fossil - Placenticeras Costutam Ammolite Free Shipping! 予約品アンモナイト  プラセンティセラス コスタータム アンモライト 両面ダブル

 Ammonite Fossil - Placenticeras  Costutam


This fossil has an excellent array of colors.  It has bright greens, reds, yellow that shifts into a gold, orange, blues and a hint of pink.  It is a color shifter and changes from red to green to yellow and gold as you change the position of the fossil.  This fossil is 85% to 90% complete.  It will be a beautiful addition to any collection.

Double sided fossil

Approx. 278x174x40mm 2554g


 Instagram video.


Geologic Time - Cretaceous Period - Approximately 71 millions years ago

時代:       白亜紀 約7100万年前

Origin   産地:       Bearpaw Formation, Southern Alberta, Canada



Please contact us if you would like to get the certificate of this fossil. 

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