AF-68-2 Canadian Ammolite Bacculite Fossil 7.75" Piece Baculites バキュライト アンモライト Baculite Free Shipping!!

Bacculite Fossil    Bearpow Formation

100% Natural Earthy Colors With A Fantastic  Iridescence’

 Very Rare Ammolite Bacculite from Bearpaw Formation in Southern AB. 

This gem grade Bacculite fossil has bright red , yellow, green and hints of light blue and purple.  As you move the fossils they change colors in a beautiful chromatic shift.


We are listing 2 Bacculite pieces(AF-67 & AF-68) that fit together to form one large bacculite. (it shows on the last two pictures)  If a buyer purchases both pieces we can refund $100 when purchased as a set.  In this case we will ship two baculite in two or three days after we received these orders.

If you purchase only this piece,we will ship out as soon as possible.


Bearpow formation  Alberta , CANADA

 Coated After Stabilized.

 These would be  really great pieces at your office or home as a stunning display.

It can stand itself both of them.


 Size: Approx.  197x60x28mm 7.75"long              Weight: 566gg


 ***** If you buy another baculite together


アルバータ ベアポウフォーメーション  バキュライト


ナチュラル   バキュライト バキュリテス

 カナディアン バキュリテス  アンモライトバキュライト

 AF-67 とAF-68 一緒にお買い上げいただいたお客様には100ドルの返金をいたします!最後の2枚をご覧ください





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