Amazing "Mama and Baby" Placenticeras Ammonite Costatum.

This fossil is the very center or heart of the larger ammonite.  The shell is the original ammonite and was grown around as the animal aged.  Pieces of the larger animal are attached to the back and radiate beautiful colors.

The fossil is one of the most rare we have ever seen.  Usually the heart of the animal is never seen as it is entombed inside the larger animal. 

This is truly a rare and wonderful piece!


Species - Placenticeras Costatum

 Geologic Time - Cretaceous Period - Approximately 71 millions years ago

 Size - A-side Apporox. 22.5x18.4cm B-side:Approx. 17.7㎝x12.6㎝

 Total size : Approx. 22.5x23㎝

 Weight - 1592g

 Blue Zone



サイズ  Aサイドアンモライト 約22.5x18.4cm (Aサイドからみた全体的サイズ:22.5x23㎝) 

   Bサイドアンモライト 約17.7㎝x12.6㎝ 

重量: 1592g



タイプ: Placenticeras Costatum 

Geological Time:  Cretaceous Period, + /- 70,000,000 years ago.  



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