Canadian Ammolite Bacculite Fossil Piece Baculites AF-99 バキュライト アンモライト Baculite Free Shipping!!

Bacculite Fossil    Bearpow Formation

100% Natural Earthy Colors With A Fantastic  Iridescence’

 Ammolite Bacculite from Bearpaw Formation in Southern AB. 


This gem grade bacculite fossil has red, green, yellows and hints of purple and blue.  When held at the right angle to purple comes out.  It is uncompressed and has beautiful striations on it.  It will be a nice desk or shelf display.


Size: Approx.219xx55x33mm  Weight:544g

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Geological Time: Cretaceous Period, + /- 71,000,000 years ago.

This will make an excellent desk or shelf display.

The fossil has a coating to protect it and amplify its natural colors.

We take the photos outside under the sunlight most of the time,but sometimes under indoor yellow lights or LED lights. Stones have different reflection spectrum of colors and this can vary based on the lighting you are viewing them under.


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Bearpow formation  Alberta , CANADA

 Coated After Stabilized.

 This would be a really great piece at your office or home as a stunning display.


アルバータ ベアポウフォーメーション  バキュライト


ナチュラル   バキュライト バキュリテス

 カナディアン バキュリテス  アンモライトバキュライト

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