115x 100x 93 mm Rare Natural Huge -Four-Sides Collector Stone CS-86 レア4面カラー ナチュラル コレクション ディスプレイピース

115x 100 x93  mm - Collector Stone - CS-86 Four-Sides



This is  a  gemstone hand specimen at a great price for its beauty.

Very rare  collectible and highly sought after.

This gemstone quality specimen  has brilliant colors of red,orange , green , blue purple and hints of pink . Rare floral pattern... A great specimen for any collection!

Ammonite fossils and large collector pieces are most often coated as well for both stability and to bring out their colors.They make a perfect display for the home and office.   They are highly sought for their Fung Shui properties as well.

Hand Polished.  NO COATING. 

 BLUE ZONE    Bearpow Formation, Alberta  , CANADA

アンモライト!風水   超希少 アンモナイト  コレクターピース 標本 ディスプレイ  4面カラー!  

約 115  x 100 x 93 mm   665g

 レア キール部分  フローラルパターン

ブリリアントカラー! 赤橙緑青紫、少しピンク


産地:カナダ アルバータ州 ベアポウフォーメーション





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