AF-95 17.7" Ammonite Fossil - Placenticeras meeki Ammolite **FREE SHIPPING*** アンモライト 斑彩石 

  Ammonite Fossil - Placenticeras meeki

Size: Approx. 450x405x78mm 17.7"  

Weight : Approx.

This huge gem grade ammonite fossil is not compressed at all and has 2 very distinctive sides. 

Side A has rainbow colors with red, green, yellow and blue with hints of purple.  There is a chromatic color shift.

Side B has bright imperial red, green and yellow with a chromatic color shift as you move the fossil.  It is "watermelon" with the red shifting into green

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 Geologic Time - Cretaceous Period - Approximately 71 millions years ago

Origin   :       Bearpaw Formation, Southern Alberta, Canada

This will make a great addition to any home or collection!

Please allow for an additional 2 to 3 weeks after purchase for export permit process if shipping outside of Canada.

商品説明:プラセンティセラスミーキ  Placenticeras meeki






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