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  Ammonite Fossil - Placenticeras  Costatum

Size Approx: 30.8cmx 26cm x ( 12.12")    Weight: 1468+1980g

 This high grade ammonite has rare purples, blues, greens and yellows.  There is a beautiful chromatic colour shift from the purples to blues and greens.  This fossil is about 85% complete and comes in 2 pieces.  You can see the inside chambers of the fossil that are also high quality gem.  It will make a great addition to any collection.

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商品説明:プラセンティセラス コスタータム Placenticeras costatum
サイズ:約30.8cmx 26cm 重量:約1468+1980g

化石は約85パーセントの完全体で 2 つに分かれていて、




Geologic Time - Cretaceous Period - Approximately 71 millions years ago

Origin   :       Bearpaw Formation, Southern Alberta, Canada


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