Make An Offer! 交渉あり☆Double-Sided Imperial Rare PINK with Gorgeous Colors COLLECTOR STONE 46 x 36 mm Natural Ammolite - Feng Shui CS-106 ダブル 両面 ナチュラル コレクション ディスプレイピース

This is  a  gemstone hand specimen at a great price for its beauty.

Very rare  collectible and highly sought after.

This double sided Imperial gemstone has ultra rare pinks, purples, greens, red, yellow, blue.  This gem is a rare color changer and seldom do we get such gems with a large selection of colors like this,

   They are highly sought for their Feng Shui properties as well.


 BLUE ZONE    Size- Approx. 46x 36 mm   weight- 6.01g



Origin : Bearpaw formation , Alberta , Canada.

Geological Time:  Cretaceous Period, + /- 71,000,000 years ago.

Pricing -  For our Premium gemstones we are setting a premium price with a offer button.  This is intended to let more customers have a chance to purchase the most beautiful and rare gemstones.  Many times our premium gemstones are gone in hours or even minutes.  The buy it now and offer pricing will allow everyone to get a chance to bid on these wonderful treasures of the earth.  Thank you. 


It comes with a floating display case as you can see in the photo.

SUPER BEAUTIFUL!!! スーパーレア PINK! + 他レアカラー 両面!!

アンモライト!風水   超希少 アンモナイト  コレクターピース 標本 ディスプレイ    

約 46 x 36  mm 6.01g



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産地:カナダ アルバータ州 ベアポウフォーメーション

白亜紀 約7100年前





ナチュラル コレクターピース 



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