AF-90 19.7" HUGE Ammonite Fossil - Placenticeras costatum Ammolite **FREE SHIPPING*** 

  Ammonite Fossil - Placenticeras  Costatum

Size Approx: 50cmx 45mm x 5cm ( 19.7")   


 Geologic Time - Cretaceous Period - Approximately 71 millions years ago

Origin   :       Bearpaw Formation, Southern Alberta, Canada

The gem is very colorful and will make a great display in any home!




Feel free to make us an offer on this Beauty!  Or buy it now as it may go fast!

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Please allow for an additional 3 to 4 weeks after purchase for export permit process if shipping outside of Canada.
商品説明:プラセンティセラス コスタータム Placenticeras costatum





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